Celebrate AsiaMedic's 25th anniversary starting with Astique Clinic Coolsculpting treatment

Celebration AsiaMedic 25th Years with Astique Fat Freeze Coolsculpting month

Celebrating AsiaMedic’s 25th Anniversary with Coolsculpting month

Benefit of Astique Fat Freezing Coolsulpting Treatment

This July 2022, AsiaMedic is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary. We want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all our patients and partners for being with us.

Astique Clinic has been proud to be a part of AsiaMedic Limited since 2013. A one-stop Medical provider that provides health screening, disease prevention, early illness detection, advanced diagnostics, family medicine, and medical aesthetics services at Orchard Road Shaw House, a centralised and convenient location.

Astique Clinic is offering five sessions of Zeltiq Coolsculpting Fat Freezing at $1,990 ($398 per session) to kickstart our celebration. This includes two LDM-MED Body shaping treatment sessions that stimulate collagen production and promote skin regeneration.

Shed unwanted Fat with Astique Fat Freeze this April

Transform Your Body, Shape Your Life with CoolSculpting Fat Freezing Treatment.

Dieting and undergoing strenuous exercise could be burdensome to some individuals.

Not everyone has the same metabolism to burn off unwanted fats in particular body areas, so not everyone can shed the pounds some other people can easily do.

Fat reduction in problem areas, such as the abdomen, thighs, or arms, is indeed difficult to achieve by just following your exercise routine and meal plan. The location and whether it is visceral or subcutaneous fat must be factored in losing weight.

Fat reduction can be a challenging journey for some due to genetics. However, suppose you want to change your body shape or eliminate excess fat, but have found it difficult to get started. In that case, you can now look beautiful by restoring your youth and self-esteem with Astique CoolSculpting Fat freezing approach.

If you think you have tried everything you can to get rid of unwanted and stubborn fats, there is still hope!

Find out the available treatments Coolsculpting offers and how it works.

Through CoolSculpting Fat Freezing Technology , you can finally remove unwanted fats in specific target areas. The CoolSculpting procedure targets the following problem areas:

  • Submentum (area under the chin)
  • Back of upper Arms
  • Bra fats
  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Hips
  • Under buttocks
  • Inner/outer thighs

Our doctor would create a customized treatment plan for each client so that CoolSculpting can address your problem areas. This will help you achieve your individual body goals.

Three ladies look fabulous and look confidence

Ready to take a step forward?

If you are ready to take a step forward with Zeltiq fat freezing Coolsculpting targeted treatment for a longer-lasting result, Astique Clinic is here for you. Upon consultation, a customised plan will determine the number of sessions you need, along with the pricing.

To enquire about the aesthetic procedures in detail, you may fill out the form and place all your queries or book an appointment with our doctor today!

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*Results may vary between individuals