Laser Mole Removal


Moles are extremely common in individuals and they are formed when cells called melanocytes group together. Melanocytes produce a pigment called melanin which gives your skin its colour – where they cluster together, the skin is darker.

Laser Mole Removal is very effective for moles which do not go very deep into the skin. This method uses light energy to selectively break down pigments in the skin, and usually produces the least amount of scar tissue. However, several treatments are usually needed to completely eliminate the discoloration.

Dual Yellow Laser is the latest addition to Astique’s non-invasive laser treatments. Using a combination of yellow and green lights, the Dual Yellow brightening laser can combat a wide range of skin concerns like dark spots and pigmentation due to aging or sun damage, scars, melasma, stretch marks, acne and bulky lesions (moles, skin tags and other raised lesions). Bulky lesions are skin abnormalities that can vary in appearance, colour and texture. Without causing any bleeding, the combination of both yellow and green light wavelengths that are absorbed by the tissue permanently removes the bulky lesions. Treatments are fast, precise and targeted with reduced skin damage and no down time.

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