Brides Package

About to get married and want to look your absolute best for your wedding? Even if you’re not, we got your aesthetic needs covered, from top to bottom!

Introducing our one-stop solution to any brides’ worries: our very own Astique Brides Packages! There are 3 types of Brides Packages, each more comprehensive than the last to fit your every need!

Details for the packages are as below:


Wrinkle Reduction

40U for any treatment area80U for any treatment area100U for any treatment area

Juvederm dermal filler

1ml for any treatment area2ml for any treatment area3ml for any treatment area
Eye Rejuvenation packageYesYesYes
Chemical peelYesYesYes
Dual Yellow or Radiance EX (choose ONE)6 sessions10 sessions
CoolSculpting4 sessions6 sessions
Rejuran Healer3 sessions
Fractional Laser3 sessions

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*Results may vary between individuals