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Fotona 4D Laser non-surgical facelift

Many people say that wisdom comes with age, but with it also comes loose, saggy skin. The aging process causes the loss of essential proteins like elastin and collagen around the face area, typically found in the dermis. These can manifest on the face as wrinkles, jowls, and fine lines and even cause the skin to sag causing an individual to look older.

There is no reason to lose hope, for the medical aesthetic industry is here to help us age gracefully. Astique Aesthetic Clinic has numerous treatments and customised plans to fight back the signs of aging, and we shall be discussing one today: the popular Fotona 4D treatment which is a safe and non-invasive face-lift laser.

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What is Fotona 4D?


Fotona 4D For A Defined, Flawless, Beautiful Face


Fotona 4D consists of a series of non-surgical laser therapies that are focused on the face area. The technology uses different wavelengths, Er:YAG and Nd:YAG, that are utilized in 4 steps to treat deep and surface-level problems like sagging skin, hyperpigmentations, acne scars, and so much more.


How does Fotona 4D work?

The 1st Step: SmoothLiftin™

The therapy starts with intraoral tightening. The patient is given a mouth wash to prepare the oral cavity and its tissues.

The Er:YAG laser is then calibrated and set to a non-ablative mode to give feather-like treatment on the inside of the mouth, specifically the mucosal lining of specific areas like the lines at the sides of the nose, the lines surrounding the mouth, and the edges of the lips.

This step is done first to initiate and stimulate collagen production on the wrinkles and lines around the mouth, giving it a tightening effect to improve elasticity. It may also give a plumping effect to the treated areas, which is also present in filler treatments.


The 2nd Step: FRAC3®

In this next step, the Nd:YAG laser will treat the jaw and cheek area, where it treats deeper imperfections with a fractional laser to surface even skin tone, reduce acne scarring, and improve pore size and sunspots.

It subjects microscopic columns of skin to thermal injury that will induce the skin to produce new collagen and create more elastic fibers. Due to the minimal injury, the skin has a faster healing process and less downtime.

This rejuvenation treatment aims to give the skin a youthful texture by minimizing pores, fine lines, and giving a uniform skin tone.


The 3rd Step: PIANO®

The PIANO mode utilized by the Nd:YAG laser is designed to reach deeper into the dermal layer to deliver homogeneous bulk heating. This procedure entails emitting heat to penetrate from an outside-in mechanism. This treatment will spare the epidermis, the topmost layer of skin. The doctor doing this procedure will use a brushing technique to carry out this treatment.

Heating the layers deep within the skin will stimulate collagen creation, leading to firmer, lifted, and more elastic skin.


The 4th Step: SupErficial™

The final step in the Fotona 4D is a light laser peel to gently exfoliate the skin, removing any dead skin present and producing an instant pearl-smooth glowy look.

This step utilizes VSP or Variable Square Pulse technology which Fotona patents. The doctor can adjust and control this treatment to a great extent, leaving very minimal thermal side effects.


The Benefits of Fotona 4D?


4 Steps of 4D Fotona Laser


The four steps of the Fotona 4D facelift procedure generate the following benefits for your skin:

  • Improves elasticity and firmness of the skin due to stimulated collagen production
  • Face lifting effect and restored volume thanks to firmer skin
  • Enhance overall complexion for an even youthful glow and texture
  • Improved hyperpigmentation and scarring from the deep FRAC3® treatment
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles from the skin-refining effect of steps 1 and 3
  • Fresh and youthful glow thanks to the gently exfoliating SupErficial™ light laser peel


Important Treatment Details of Fotona 4D

The four steps of the Fotona 4D facelift procedure generate the following benefits for your skin:


Post-Procedure Care

Once the session is done, please take good care of the skin. You may cleanse the face with a gentle cleanser for the first 24 hours after the session.

Apply SPF protection to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. UV exposure is one of the causes of collagen loss aside from aging. It can also lead to additional pigmentation to develop on the skin. We recommend avoiding unnecessary and direct exposure to the sun. To not reverse the treatment done, apply sun protection of at least 50 SPF and moisturizer daily.

We also advise avoiding the use of abrasive skin products like scrubs or AHA and BHA. After the SupErficial™ peel, you may notice micro scabs on the skin that may feel a bit rough. Do not pick at these scabs, but let them fall off naturally.


How long do the results last?


Results of Fotona 4D vary per patient depending on the number of sessions.


Results will vary with each client, but you may notice an instant effect on the skin once the session finishes. The skin will be noticeably firmer and tight that has a youthful glow.

A Fotona 4D review stated the immediate results after their procedure: they look attractive, younger and with the reduced wrinkles around their eyes. Their face is also much lifted, making the face look more structured. Six months after their procedure, they can still see the improvement and results of their Fotona 4D procedure.

When deciding how many sessions are needed, it is best to consult with our doctors to decide how many sessions you may require.


Is it painful? Are there side effects?

As the Fotona 4D is a non-surgical and non-invasive laser treatment, there is little to no downtime. It may also depend on the daily activities done by the individual post-procedure and the aggressiveness of the treatment done.

Some noticeable Fotona 4D side effects are the experience of a warm mild prickling sensation during the treatment. The individual may also appear flushed after the session. The skin may be quite sensitive after the procedure, but this is part of the healing process. We recommend taking good care of the skin with sun protection and hydration.

Some patients may experience a heating sensation lingering on the treatment areas, but this usually disappears after 15 minutes.


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