Get Rid Of That Unwanted Hair With IPL Hair Removal

Say goodbye to the old, painful and troublesome ways of removing unwanted hair.

All of us have natural body hair and there will be times when we want to get rid of them. Like underarm hair that gets in the way when we want to wear our sleeveless blouses. Sometimes too, even if we wear the beautiful red lipstick, the hair in the upper lip is more noticeable. These are times where beautiful moments are spoiled because of our unwanted hair.

Maybe you already tried waxing, shaving, and even plucking these hairs off, but they still keep coming back. Fact is, no treatment can get rid of body hair permanently; but, there are ways where you can get rid of your unwanted hair for a longer period.

This is what this article is all about. We want you to worry no more because IPL hair removal is here!

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal is a non-invasive treatment

Intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal, also known as flash lamp therapy, is a non-invasive treatment commonly used to remove unwanted hair. This procedure involves using high-intensity pulses of visible light that help enhance specific skin issues and hair removal.

How Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

IPL hair removal treatment works by destroying the hair follicle by absorbing the light without causing damage to the surrounding structures. The high-intensity light pulses enter the subdermal layer of the skin, absorbed by the melanin pigment present in the hair. Melanin is the complex polymer responsible for the hair and skin color of every individual.

The light pulses’ energy is strong enough to denature the hair follicle present, preventing further hair growth in the targeted area. But even though these light pulses are intense, the area surrounding the hair follicles is kept safe.

Different wavelengths or pulses of light can be used to target the problem areas of each patient.

How Long Will Each IPL Hair Removal Session Take?

IPL is schedule- friendly. The process won’t take much of your tim

This greatly depends on the surface area of your chosen site. For smaller areas,it usually takes 10 minutes to 15 minutes. For larger areas it may take half an hour to 45 minutes. IPL hair removal is meant to fit in the client’s schedules so they can quickly ease back into their typical routine.

How Many IPL Hair Removal Treatments Will I Need?

To achieve their desired effects, monthly treatments ranging from 6-10 sessions are usually arranged. On the other hand, results could be noticeable as early as one to two weeks after the first few treatments.

What Areas Can Be Targeted with IPL Hair Removal?

The areas that can be treated using IPL hair removal are the following:

  • Face
  • Arms
  • Armpits
  • Abdomen
  • Legs

Aside from these common target areas, nearly every part of the body could be treated with an IPL hair removal procedure. The bikini line is also one of the most common areas being treated today, along with Brazilian and full bikini.

Men could also undergo IPL hair removal! The most common target areas include the back, chest, and abdomen.

Am I Suitable for IPL Hair Removal Treatment?

IPL hair removal procedure is suitable for most skin types. They are great for:

  • Hair tones types that are coarse and dark
  • Individuals with more sun exposure

However, this hair removal procedure is not meant for everyone. They may be contraindicated with the following:

  • Individuals with blonde and red hair
  • Individuals who are currently undergoing medical treatment or recovering from the medical treatment they just received
  • Individuals with type 5 or 6 skin.
  • Women who are pregnant
  • 18 years and below

How Does the Process and Maintenance of IPL Hair Removal Treatment Go?

Before undergoing IPL hair removal treatment, you should shave the area you want to be treated in 2 or 3 days before going to the aesthetic clinic. This helps lessen the sensation of pain that patients will feel during the procedure, and it will also help the high-intensity pulses of light target the follicles.

After each session, the hairs in the target area will take 2 to 3 weeks to be pushed out from the hair follicle. This may be confusing because it might appear as if the hair is continuously growing like usual, but it will eventually fall out of the skin.

It is advised not to pluck, tweeze, or wax the hair on your target area and let it fall out naturally. Spacing out each IPL hair removal session from 4 to 6 six weeks apart should be done, depending on the area being treated.

After successfully removing the unwanted hair, you should consider maintenance treatments ranging from 2 to 4 sessions every year to keep the area free from hair.

What Should I Expect During and After IPL Hair Removal Treatment?

Once the IPL hair removal treatment begins, minimal and tolerable pain may be felt by the patients. Some patients have numbing cream applied to their target area an hour before IPL hair removal starts so that the procedure would be comfortable.

After the procedure, slight erythema and swelling can be expected to be observed. Scabbing or darkening of superficial skin pigmentations on the target area could also be expected post-IPL hair removal.

After a week, patients could already begin to see reduced superficial skin pigmentations after the scabs start to come off. A reduced blotchy redness caused by the surface blood vessels would also be seen after a week of the first session. The skin would also feel firmer and fresh leaving it looking “glowy” and smooth.

The whole process is generally safe and requires no downtime but assessment before undergoing IPL hair removal treatment is still advisable.

Should I Schedule A Consultation Before Undergoing IPL Hair Removal?

IPL lets you get rid of unwanted hair for a longer period

It is always advisable to seek professional advice and consultation first prior to diving into the procedure. A professional doctor can answer all your queries and ensure you are choosing the suitable treatment for your concerns.

You can freely discuss your concerns and undergo a thorough physical examination to determine if IPL hair removal treatment would work on your skin and hair type. Your doctor could also consider other possible allergies, risks, and contraindications during the consultation.

How Much Does IPL Hair Removal Singapore Cost?

The price of an IPL hair removal procedure significantly depends on the area you want to be treated. It also depends on the number of sessions needed to treat that particular area successfully. However, a rough estimate of one session of IPL hair removal treatment starts from $98.

Final Thoughts

We at Astique understand the predicament you have to face because of those unwanted hair. We are dedicated to help ease the burden you have to carry.

We want you to enjoy every party wearing that alluring sleeveless dress. We want you to comfortably walk at the party wearing your shorts without worrying about the hair on your legs. We want you to smile warmly without the hair on your upper lip being noticed.

That is why, we offer SharpLight IPL to eliminate hair from the roots through the powerful flashes of light utilized in this procedure.

For any inquiries and concerns, visit and start your journey towards a younger, radiant, and beautiful you!

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