Women Deserve Better

We believe that women can empower themselves and the first step is surprisingly actionable – Start with oneself

Join us this 13 Nov Sat 10.30 AM on Zoom to learn more about “Most Common Skin Conditions” you care about and what we had planned for coming 11.11 (From 8-20 NOV ) Health week.


It’s not uncommon for modern women to have a lot on their plate — especially for the growing number of working females trying to balance a career with personal life. As a result, it is easy to get overwhelmed with responsibilities and obligations. Sometimes, a busy schedule gets in the way of taking care of yourself but letting that happen can worsen.


Join us for a Zoom session on 13th Nov Sat 1030 AM with Dr Yong Zhi Yong, Astique Medical Director, to talk about the “Skin condition and Solutions” you care about.



Dr Yong Zhi Yong is a Medical Director and a Head of the Department of Astique clinic. He has completed all the Certificates of Competence issued by the Aesthetic Dermatology Education Group in Singapore and attended various conferences to further upgrade his skills and repertoire.


Being familiar with aesthetic technology, Dr Yong ensures that the highest standard of clinical quality and patient safety are met and only selects and recommends technologies that have sound and clinical evidence to his patients.


Question and Answer sessions will be available at the end of each presentation.


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