What is Profhilo?

Profhilo® is a BDDE-free stabilized injectable Hyaluronic Acid (HA) based product. Hyaluronic Acid retains the water in the skin, keeping the tissue well lubricated and moist.

Profhilo can bio-stimulate 4 types of collagen, elastin, and proliferate adipocytes (fat) stem cells. Type I and III Collagen in fibroblast, and type IV and VII Collagen in keratinocytes are found in Profhilo injectable treatment.

It addresses skin laxity and signs of skin ageing by tightening the skin and hydrating it without causing any lump.

Profhilo has a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (64mg/ 2ml) which boosts, hydrates the skin, helps revive sagging skin and the signs of ageing in the face.

Hybrid Cooperative Complex Hyaluronic Acid is formed by bonding 32mg of high molecular weight HA (H-HA) and 32mg of low molecular weight HA (H-LA) through a thermal crosslinking process patented by NAHYCO Technology.


 Profhilo is not just a skin booster or another filler!

 Once injected, Profhilo flows easily enabling it to be distributed within the skin’s tissue.

A healthier and elastic dermis is filled and volumized naturally as the result of using Profhilo.

 The Hydration and Lifting Effect

Hydro Effect

Upon using Profhilo, the H-LA is released slowly from the HA hybrid without triggering the first inflammatory cytokines. The patient’s comfort during and after treatment is also boosted by providing hydration to the epidermis.

Lift Effect

On the other hand, the H-HA in Profhilo stabilizes the HA architecture in the dermis area which gives the volumetric effect. It improves the quality of the skin as well as the hydration in both the dermis and the epidermis.

 How does Profhilo work and why choose it?


Every woman or even men go through ageing, but ageing doesn’t have the power to overcome you!

Age gracefully, embrace beauty and feel wonderful today!

Reversing the signs of aging and treating the source of aging is the key benefit of using Profhilo. Besides being a non-surgical solution to aging and saggy skin, Profhilo offers various solutions for other different skin problems.

With the well researched and combination of ingredients, Profhilo is formed to reverse the signs of aging and target the source of it.


To simplify, Profhilo SAPs…


Smoothes skin with a lifting effect

With its anti-ageing properties, it smoothens the skin with a lifting effect it and leaves the skin young-looking.

Increases the health of the skin

The Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid ingredient in the treatment not only targets ageing but also helps the skin stay healthy.

Increases the health of the skin

Contains an additional 5X in the number of Hyaluronic Acid compared with boosters stimulating hydration of the skin.

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 Where is Profhilo administered?

Through research and a long time of studying the treatment, it has been proven to work beneath the skin. It engages with the body’s receptors and revitalizes collagen growth as well.

 A specific injection formula called Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) technique is created especially for Profhilo. This involves injecting the treatment in the 5 five key points on each side of the face, as shown below.

 These 5 key points are safe areas of the face that are away from the major vessels. The BAP minimizes the risk while maximizing the function of Profhilo. To make the process comfortable for patients anesthesia is given prior to the injection.




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 Who is Profhilo for?

Profhilo is for anyone! It is popular among women!






The treatment is suitable for men and women, Profhilo knows no gender boundaries. As long as you’re above twenties and thinking to enhance the quality and to hydrate your skin, then yes you are suitable for Profhilo…


Refines face, skin, complexion, elasticity, feeling, looks


 Worried about your skin color or your skin concern?


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When to undergo Profhilo?


A one-on-one personalized consultation with our doctor is needed before undergoing the treatment. This will ensure that your condition is properly identified as well as to meet your needs.

Our medical doctors are specialists in the field, that is why your skin is in good hands. Astique Clinic chooses treatments that are FDA Approved so our patients don’t have to worry about the reliability and quality of the products and services.

 Once you’ve undergone a personalized consultation with our doctor and decided to take the Profhilo treatment, you can schedule the treatment with us on your free day.

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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