Treating Dark Circles Under Eyes With Eye Aesthetics Through Tailor-made Eye Rejuvenation In Singapore

Dark circles under the eyes is a common thing especially as we age

Did you know that the middle and upper sections of the face are the centers of a vast number of cosmetic problems and indicators of ageing? That’s because they are some of the areas that most people focus on first during conversations.

Some eye aesthetic defects include under-eye bags, wrinkles, sunken cheeks, excess fat in the eyelids, reduced facial structure and contours, and most of all, dark circles under eyes.

While there are many factors that contribute to these aesthetic issues, the most common is natural ageing, especially for dark circles. But even if dark circles are common occurrences to form under our eyes and are not generally a health concern, they can be quite unsightly and difficult to remove.

The good news is you can have dark eye circles treatment. There are many options to choose from. Eye aesthetic treatments are now very common and can be your solution to those annoying dark circles.

What are Dark Circles?

Dark circles are a common complaint, not only among the elderly but also among the youth. A purple or bluish color, or shadow, beneath the eyes distinguishes these traits, which are frequently accompanied by a hollowness around the eye socket.

It’s no wonder that additional pigmentation is common around the eyes; after all, the skin beneath our eyes is six to ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of our face, making blood vessels and capillaries more visible.

What causes dark circles?

Ageing is the most common cause of dark circles in older adults and in the younger population, dark circles form due to increased skin pigmentation or poor blood circulation in the area. Whatever the situation may be, some of us may be perplexed by their emergence or increased prominence.

There are two basic components: skin discoloration and shadows. The thin skin around the eyes and the blood vessels present beneath the skin cause the skin to darken. The shadows are caused by the hollowing of the space beneath the lower lid due to bone loss, and the fat pad migrating downward due to gravity.

What is Eye Aesthetics At Astique Clinic?

The topic of eye care readily lends itself to aesthetic services. Eye aesthetics refers to a variety of cosmetic specialties that help improve the skin’s appearance through treatments of many skin issues, which includes dark circles under the eye.

There are a variety of techniques available to treat and improve their eyes’ look. Other rejuvenating therapies that do not use fillers and are minimally invasive are available to regenerate the skin of the entire face.

What is Eye Rejuvenation?

Until recently, eye aesthetics disorders, such as skin darkening, could only be treated surgically, with extra skin tissues and fat deposits being removed through incisions and tightness restored. However, more innovative measures are now available to obtain some results without incisions, scalpels, downtime, anesthesia, or complications. These non-surgical procedures include eye-rejuvenation treatments.

You can restore your eyes’ youthful appearance with eye rejuvenation treatments.

Eye rejuvenation, often known as a non-surgical eyelift, is a procedure that restores the youthful appearance of your eyes using minimally invasive procedures and injectables.

What are the eye rejuvenation treatments?

Here are three eye rejuvenation treatments that you can do :

  1. Rejuran
  2. Tri-Beam Laser
  3. Casmara Eye Perfection

Rejuran is a salmon-derived polyNucleotide-based anti-aging injection. Polynucleotides aid in tissue healing and inflammation reduction.

The treatment reduces the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles. Other benefits you can get is improved skin hydration, improved blood circulation and reduced skin pigmentation.

Skin problems are treated with Rejuran by injecting it just beneath the surface. This helps to restore the skin at the precise point where collagen formation is required.

Tri-beam laser

The Tri-Beam laser gently breaks the pigment into tiny particles, which are then absorbed and eliminated naturally by the body. As the skin heals, the treatment area will blend in with the surrounding skin, resulting in a more even complexion.

The Tri-Beam laser can be used with vitamin C serum to get rid of dark circles under the eyes more effectively.

Casmara Eye Perfection

Casmara Eye Perfection is an advanced professional treatment with a global rejuvenating action, carefully formulated to treat the eye contour.

It is a 45 mins indulgent experience that provides deep relaxation that can help in all the signs that age the eyes. It combines growth factors, medicinal botanical extracts and technology inspired by carboxytherapy, to be capable of rejuvenating the eye contour from the first session.

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Who can have eye rejuvenation treatment:

Under-eye rejuvenation is a technique to address any under-eye issues you may have. So, this treatment applies to people of all ages who are experiencing eye aesthetic problems such as dark circles.

What are the results of eye rejuvenation treatments?

Dark circles under your eyes will no longer be visible.

Results include the eye area having an enhanced texture, suppleness, and vitality. There’s also a significant reduction in eye weariness. Most importantly, rejuvenation treatments reduce dark circles under your eyes.

In Rejuran, a numbing lotion is administered to the skin prior to treatment to alleviate any pain or discomfort. Rejuran I is injected into the inner skin layer through a series of micro-injections to stimulate skin’s cell-regeneration ability, increase epidermis and dermis thickness, and general suppleness, keeping you appearing young and obtaining healthy skin.

The healing process for the skin normally takes 4 weeks to take action and rebuild the skin from the inside. Because the Rejuran Itherapy is essentially a skin mending method utilizing salmon DNA, it takes roughly 4 weeks to notice any obvious changes in your skin texture.

How long do the treatments take?

The process depends on the specific treatment chosen. For example, if you select the Tri-Beam treatment, it’s relatively short. It takes approximately 10 minutes. But although these treatments are quick, they promise long-lasting results.

For Casmara Eye Perfection, the treatment will take roughly 45 minutes.

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Is there any downtime?

Typically, there’s no downtime with Casmara Eye Perfection. Following treatment, you can put on make-up and resume your daily activities on the same day.

Final Thoughts

Solve your eye aesthetics issues with Astique Eye Rejuvenation Package

Here at Astique Clinic, we assure you that you can get all the information you need about eye aesthetics in addition to receiving a variety of eye rejuvenation treatments that would address dark circles under eyes and other eye aesthetics issues. You can choose from the Astique Eye Rejuvenation Package and experience a whole new you.

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