What is PDRN Skin Booster?

PDRN Skin Booster is a range of revolutionary injectables from South Korea, formulated to promote skin healing, reduce signs of aging, brighten your skin and tighten your pores all at once.

The formula contains polynucleotide (PN) derived from salmon DNA, which is not only highly compatible with human DNA, but also to serve as building blocks of human DNA essentially. As a result, PN rejuvenates the skin and is effective at stimulating cell growth and collagen production, making PDRN Skin Booster a great treatment for addressing several skin-related concerns that patients commonly have.

In Astique, we use 3 variants of PDRN Skin Booster injectables to treat specific skin problems:

How does the treatment work?

As the natural production of collagen decreases as a person ages, the skin will start to lose its volume and the appearances of wrinkles, lines and sagging skin becomes increasingly apparent.

To address these problems, PDRN Skin Booster Healer and PDRN Skin Booster I is administered into the treatment area via a series of micro-injections across the face, stimulating cell growth and promoting collagen production in these areas.

While PDRN Skin Booster S utilises the same concentration of PN as the PDRN Skin Booster Healer, it has greater viscosity than the latter. This makes PDRN Skin Booster S more suitable for reducing the appearance of scars caused by acne and surgery as it plumps up skin depressions in the treatment area. Like other PDRN Skin Booster injectables, PDRN Skin Booster S is also administered via a series of micro-injections.


How long does each session take?

Each session should take approximately 45 minutes.


Is it painful? Is there any downtime?

As we numb the treatment area prior to the injection, there will be some discomfort in the injection areas. Many patients find the sensation tolerable. There is about 2-3 days of downtime after the treatment.


Is it safe?

PDRN Skin Booster treatments are very safe treatments in the hands of trained professionals. Nevertheless, we recommend you to get a proper assessment done with our doctors prior to the treatment.


Am I suitable for this treatment? 

PDRN Skin Booster treatments are suitable for all skin types. However, if you have a relevant allergy or if you are unsure if there are any other concerns that might affect your suitability for the treatment, do consult our doctors.


Can I undergo other cosmetic treatments if I am already undergoing this treatment?

Yes! However, there are certain treatments which we will not recommend you continue immediately post-PDRN Skin Booster treatments. Do seek consultation with our doctors for more information on which treatments are contraindicated.

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*Results may vary between individuals